Re: To Bob Badour, sorry

From: Cimode <>
Date: 19 Jun 2006 08:45:02 -0700
Message-ID: <>

Tony D wrote:
> Cimode wrote:
> > I dont' bother defining prepackaged idiotic concepts and ideas that are
> > totally irrelevant to technical exchanges.
> But it was you who said "When I point out that I am boorish ?" (June
> 16, 8:18pm).

It's not first degree...
I stated that as response to Gene Wirchen-BULLSHIT to whom I wasted time exposing my intensions as he called me boorish just B4, I demonstrated he was calling me boorish for an unfounded reason...As a question and a mocking part, I used a pun question *When I point out that I am boorish ?* meaning *When I point out the hyppocrisy you consider me booorish*

Didn't you bother to find out what you were pointing out
> about yourself ? Isn't that a bit superficial ?
Superficiality is determined by evidences..

> > Why don't you assume your position through explicit communication?
> > What a hypocrisy!!!
> >
> Where was the hypocrisy in using the sarcastic term "charm school" for
> your utterly charmless demeanour ?

Cut the BS...
> > Don't you read!!
> Sometimes, I wish I didn't.

Then be my guest...

> > Distates is not relevant..
> Very true. Like and dislike are very cheap. Best not be governed by
> them.

Best be governed by reason and intellectual honesty..Qualities you have not demonstrated so far...
> > I exposed his and some of his peer's
> > incoherence through sound arguments and proofs...
> In the thread I read, you blustered in a similar way to you do on this
> thread when someone didn't agree with you. There wasn't much coherence
> to your "arguments".
That's because of the hierarchical structure making hard to follow track of event chronologically...As I take the time to respond to ALL BB's barking dogs...

> > I do not give a damn about the person...
> >
> Perhaps "boor" really is on the mark then: "a person with rude, clumsy
> manners and little refinement."
That's to speak a language more familiar to you.

> > > everything you complain about Bob doing, you have done yourself, and in
> > > even worse tones.

BS...I mainly insulted statements rather than people (Ex: What an idiotic statement!!) which is not equivalent to say *you are an idiot*.  and ask legitimate questions such as *are you mentally impaired* when I can't understand when somebody does not get a clue of what I am talking about after several explanations...

If some people feel insulted it's not my business...It tends to indicate that they are indeed idiots and that is why they would react with anger...

Strong tones prevent people from thinking and building coherent sentences...I certainly have not used the strongest tones here...

> > BS prove it...I have taken the time to respond to your insults and
> > arguments one by one...That's a mark of respect you probably do not
> > even deserve!!!
> >
> My only argument is that you behave in exactly the manner you
> disapprove of when Bob behaves that way; that makes you some kind of
> hypocrite. You've never responded to that argument, apart from in your
> conduct.

You opinion about me has absolutely no interest except to you...You should now understand that I do not really care of what other people think...

I have responded to each of you single argument but I will now stop as you are clearly demonstrating intellectual dishonnesty....(Not convinced check the arborescence)
> > I have not disqualified you as nonsense to evade your stupid posts...
> Why thank you.
Because I do what I state, I respond to people's nonsense to expose them.

> > I did not call you a crank, a troll, or whatever BS prepapackaged term
> > you can put on people to disqualify what *SEEMS* wrong to you...
> So far, I haven't called you a crank, a troll, or any other "BS
> prepapackaged term" (whatever that is). I *have* called you a boor and
> a hypocrite.

Which is no better considering that
> > However I have pointed out to you your incoherence,
> Nope.

Lost cause.
> > your superficiality

Lost cause.
> > and ignorance of RM concepts...
> >
> So far in this thread, you have said diddley-squat about RM concepts to
> me. So you can't possibly have pointed out my ignorance of them.
When refering to ignorance, I was not refering specifically to you but to BB's barking dogs which I exposed on the Fraud Exposal Wall...At my knowledge, you are not on it...not yet...

> > Jeez who am I talking to?
> Calm down, mate. You'll burst something.
I am fine thanks...For temperamental people engaged in self promotion.... Received on Mon Jun 19 2006 - 17:45:02 CEST

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