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Re: To Bob Badour, sorry

From: Cimode <>
Date: 17 Jun 2006 15:04:01 -0700
Message-ID: <>

Let's stop talk about me...Let's talk about RM issues then... Tony D wrote:
> Cimode wrote:
> > Among the people I spoke to to day you are probably the dummiest...Just
> > can't make sense of anything...A real time haven...I won't even bother
> > with you...Some p
> This is a bit of a trait of your posts; sentences appear to start then
> disappear into nothingness. "Some p..." what ?
> > LOL
> >
> Glad you found it funny.
> > More crappola
> No, just pointing out your boorishness... oh wait, you did that for
> yourself, didn't you ?
> > You are the one bringing irrelevant subject about me...and you got the
> > nerve state I don't discuss RM...
> >
> Go on - point to a post *on this thread* where you discuss anything *at
> all* about the relational model, rather than the mental acuity or
> personality of those who disagree with you. Go on.
> > No..You should be ashamed of yourself...
> >
> If I *had* actually insulted anyone, I would be. Since I haven't, I'm
> not.
> > My writing is unuseful because you cant' read and make sense out of
> > simple ideas...You are mentally impaired I am afraid...
> >
> I can't make a lot of sense of your garbled meanderings. So yes, your
> writing is "unuseful" (sic). As for my level of mental impairment, I
> think, given your other posts in this and other threads, you really
> aren't in a fit state to judge on that.
> > Thanks god I was the one denouncing them wit most force on this thread...Gives me some
> > hope something triggered in your puny mind...
> Actually, I was writing about the last sentence in your post, and
> dismissing you as attempting a patronising paternalistic tone. You
> really ought to read these things more carefully you know.
> Oh, and by the way, I had a spare half hour and read over the thread
> you pointed me to before. And I can report that :
> a) It was at least as, if not even more, uninteresting and irrelevant
> to me as I thought. As I mentioned before, I have somewhere between
> little and no time for either OO or thinking about physical
> representations, in memory or elsewhere. And at least at the start, you
> did get hopelessly confused between logical and physical - or if you
> weren't, you were so unable to express yourself you portrayed a
> confused mind. Still, at least you've broken through the language
> barrier enough to bandy about terms like "BS", "mentally impaired",
> "hypocrisy" and so on.
> b) You *did* get burned off - at least, being told to go fuck yourself
> counts as being burned off as far as I'm concerned.
> c) You conducted yourself with all the charm, tact and subtle wit
> you've displayed on this thread too.
> Can I be one of your frauds now please ? Oh go on, you know you want to
> ...
Received on Sat Jun 17 2006 - 17:04:01 CDT

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