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From: Cimode <>
Date: 16 Jun 2006 03:21:58 -0700
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Keith H Duggar wrote:
> Cimode wrote:
> > What a stupid question ...
> It's fascinating how as Cimode's English, quoting style, and
> it seems confidence has increased over the last two weeks,
> so to has his ability to clearly demonstrate that he is a VI
> moron increased.

I was observing and reading B4 drawing conclusions and trying to take time to respond to your garbage...Cautious attitude and humility are necessary to abord complex subjects and RM is no exception... Jumping fast to simplystic conclusions in sticking tag on people's forehead clearly demonstrates your style...Typical of a self congratulalting VI...

I don't need *style* to demonstrate you are a fool...Just observing your incoherence is sufficient...

> I especially enjoyed this idiot's post in another thread
> where he seemed to believe he has a right to tell another
> when and when not to apologize.
> Brilliant example of
> "It is better to keep your mouth closed and let people
> think you are a fool than to open it and remove all
> doubt." -- Mark Twain
This quote tells a lot about the real motivations that make you participate in this NG...
You don't give a damn about exchanging ideas and collaborating with people...
You are IMAGE obsessed about what people will or won't think about your intellectual capabilities....

People who are pretending to exchange ideas as a primary reason of intellectual growth and worry about what other might think autocensoring themselves are just plain hypocrits...

> -- Keith --
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