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From: paul c <>
Date: Thu, 15 Jun 2006 20:14:48 GMT
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-CELKO- wrote:

>>> PS: Kludges!  Now I see why we need glue! <<

> I have to post this:
> ... (blah blah)

Well, I didn't have the patience to explain automobiles and squid somehow glued together! You're a riot. Now it's coming to me, in the spirit of your cheerful fooferah ... years ago, some Canuck telemarketer ran TV ads in the middle of the night. Named KTEL or somesuch. Not enough dough for daytime rates so all the complacent sound sleepers will have missed it. Brilliant dbms killed by the big companies, same way Atlantis is denounced as a myth by big museums. Not sure if trademark has lapsed. Called Crazy Glue. It's crazy man!

Why don't you cite your own reasoning, if there is any, instead of dragging up the definitions of others who couldn't reasonably have anticipated their definitions of nonsense to be portrayed as sensible solutions?

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