Re: Programming is the Engineering Discipline of the Science that is Mathematics

From: erk <>
Date: 6 Jun 2006 06:50:46 -0700
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Cimode wrote:
> But all math is not set theory and set
> theory does not answer all questions expressed as a consequence of
> application of set theory in RM.

I think the predicate logic is more important. Predicates link the database to the real world, while normalization keeps the predicates manageable. This is what I like best about relational: to me, it hits a sweet spot between assertions about the business, and those about solutions and technology, all the while pinning them solidly to logic to solve problems.

> I believe that in unknown area that remain to be explored,
> ecclectic approaches should be guided and validated by math not
> burried by it.

I think you might be underestimating math. Math is not just arithmetic, nor are most software development projects primarily arithmetical. Nor are science and math devoid of exploration, hypothesis, and creativity.

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