Re: The wisdom of the object mentors (Was: Searching OO Associations with RDBMS Persistence Models)

From: Andrew McDonagh <>
Date: Fri, 02 Jun 2006 20:15:18 +0100
Message-ID: <e5q2od$ibr$>

phlip wrote:
> Andrew McDonagh wrote:

>> Well for PL/SQL there is ut/PLSQL (

> DBs are easy to unit test because they have clean, responsive, and
> abstracted interfaces.
> DBs are hard to refactor, and grow their designs in response to real-world
> issues. I suspect that's the purpose of the book /Refactoring Databases/
> by Ambler Sadalage is about.


As for refactoring, most of the difficulty comes down to the limitations of the store procedure language and development environments not supporting automated refactorings.

Its possible, just difficult and manual.

One point no one has yet addressed is the use of Java within rdbms - it would be interesting to see what issues we have with that.

 From personal exposure, it allows for far greater control, development, unit testing, refactoring than the store procedure language like PL/SQL. Received on Fri Jun 02 2006 - 21:15:18 CEST

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