Re: The wisdom of the object mentors (Was: Searching OO Associations with RDBMS Persistence Models)

From: David Cressey <>
Date: Thu, 01 Jun 2006 18:35:58 GMT
Message-ID: <isGfg.259$Jm5.166_at_trndny08>

"Tony Andrews" <> wrote in message
> wrote:

> One could argue that to the UI programmer, the database is a "bit
> bucket" (very ugly term) of which he/she needs to know little.
> However, the UI is probably only 10-20% of the code, with 80-90% being
> the database application code - and to write this well you need to know
> your DBMS.

The problem with the above is this:

The UI programmer thinks he/she is on the outside of a capsule that he/she is really on the inside of.

The problem with the concept of encapsulation is that outside and inside are not symmetric, but there is no objective method of determining which is which.

> This is a lot different from RCM's stance (as I understand it), which
> is that even the developer writing the database code - the "guts" of
> the data processing - shouldn't need to know anything about the DBMS.
> I don't agree with this.

The DBMS has "public parts", which an app programmer should know, and "private parts' which an app programmer, in general, has no need to know, and may have a need not to know. Received on Thu Jun 01 2006 - 20:35:58 CEST

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