Re: Possible bridges between OO programming proponents and relational model

From: Cimode <>
Date: 1 Jun 2006 04:05:17 -0700
Message-ID: <>

<<Like what problems? Can you give a few examples?>> Sure. I was refering to problems such as data integrity and data redundancy which create lots of performance bottlenecks...For instance, people allow NULL values into tables which create the need to add additional excluding conditions (IS NULL, IS NOT NULL...) into select procedures to get correct results in COUNT statements. As a consequence, they degrade performance (both response time and througput) when they do that...If NULL were not allowed in the first place, then these additional conditions would not be used...

<<I said that being able to specify transformations
> and automations would do the trick.
There are some exceptions that require hoop-jumping, but they are thankfully
 very rare.
>> Could you give few examples to illustrate what you mean by transformations and automations? and the exceptions you are refering to?

<<I went the other way myself, putting more abilities into the server and
> using less OO, and it has served our company and our customers well>>
I don't believe we are speaking about the same thing.. It seems you are refering to centralizing processes into server side which is probably more practical in all senses...I was however refering to using OO mechanisms and features as a replacement to SQL (as a server side language) for data manipulation and definition...

Thanks for your input... Received on Thu Jun 01 2006 - 13:05:17 CEST

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