Re: Lucid statement of the MV vs RM position?

From: Bob Badour <>
Date: Mon, 24 Apr 2006 13:21:59 GMT
Message-ID: <Xh43g.65127$>

Jon Heggland wrote:

> dawn wrote:

>>David Cressey wrote:
>>>I agree with you about the large number of crap designs, which I call
>>>"stupid database tricks". But I think the solution is to teach better
>>>design skills, and develop better platforms, rather than to dismiss the
>>We can do both ;-) We ought not dismiss relations, nor modeling with
>>relations, but we do need to go beyond the RM to include lists, for
>>example, which the Information Principle (of the RM) does not permit.
> I think (hope?) you mean "we do want to go beyond SQL to include lists,
> for example, which SQL does not permit".

She is a self-aggrandizing ignorant who hasn't a clue what she is talking about. Whatever intellect she may have once had has been destroyed by years of Pick use.

Ask her to point to the field of logic where anyone has ever improved predicate logic by extending it with lists. After all, she claims to have a background in mathematics. Received on Mon Apr 24 2006 - 15:21:59 CEST

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