Re: Multiplicity, Change and MV

From: David Cressey <>
Date: Mon, 24 Apr 2006 12:44:44 GMT
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"DonR" <> wrote in message

> I think you have made it quite clear that you think ALL pick
> programmers/users are stupid. I don't think that attitude contributes
> anything to this discussion. Calling people idiots does not make you
> look smart, just the opposite, it makes you look like a jerk.


I'm taking the liberty of quoting something I retrieved from Google groups, written by Michael Preece
in this forum a few months back:


Cheers for that Treank. It'd be amusing to sit back smugly and watch everyone make idiots of themselves over something so trivial if I didn't have to get involved myself. For us Pickies it's easy - null is equal to an empty string. There is no such thing as an unknown value. You can test any value against any other value and get a true or false result. No such thing as maybe in computing. A bit is either on or it's off. Simple. It's not just Pick that simplifies - or avoids unnecessary - confusion over this. Before I programmed in Pick I use various Assembler languages (IBM, NCR & ICL) and COBOL and never had any confusion over the concept of a mythical "unknown" value. Poor fools. Poor deluded fools. The sooner SQL-relational is seen for what it is - ridiculous - the better.


PS. Strong enough you reckon?


My point in bringing this back is that rudeness is not limited to any particular point of view. Anyone, with any conclusion, can use rudeness to assail alternative views. It doesn't matter whether the rude person's opinions are well founded or not.

I don't know Pick, but I'm skeptical about its value. Michael Preece, for other writings, doesn't know SQL, but knows that those who use it are poor deluded fools.

That's arrogance, pure and simple. Received on Mon Apr 24 2006 - 14:44:44 CEST

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