Re: CJ Date on Missing Information

From: Marshall Spight <>
Date: 18 Mar 2006 11:06:14 -0800
Message-ID: <>

Paul Mansour wrote:
> I've just read "The Default Values Approach to Missing Information" in
> Date's Database Writings 1989-1991. I've also noted that in the 8th
> edition of Date's main textbook, he refers to the "special values
> scheme' for handling missing information, and points to an article in
> Database Writings 1994-1997. I don't have the 94-97 book, though I am
> trying to track down a copy, and I'm curious to know if Date's view on
> handling missing information has changed since the 89-91 writings, or
> is it more or less the same. Any comments on this would be appreciated.

If your interest is exclusively on Date's current opinion, then I can't help you, although I might encourage you to look to a broader horizon. If you're interested in alternative ways the problem might be addressed, I'd point you to algebraic datatypes, such as appear in the SML language.

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