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Date: Wed, 27 Oct 2004 08:08:37 -0700
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"Bill H" <> wrote:

>I think this is the classic debate between business and IT. SAP and other
>"very" large ERP packages require the business to make (some) changes to the
>way they do business in order to obtain the benefits of their applications.
>After hundreds of millions of dollars (and I'm not joking) many business are
>back to functioning again. But there is a strong opinion that ROI is
>_nothing_ near as advertised.
>Small to Medium businesses (SMBs) don't have this luxury, so the concept of
>altering their business practices to accomodate the rigidities of the
>application design is not practical.

     A lovely, lovely bit of sarcasm there. <BEG>

>The ultimate judge of this relationship is the business owner, since they
>take the risks. Therefore, it stands to reason that the relationship
>between business and IT should be driven by business, not the other way


     The best thing about my boss is that I can tell him that he is wrong. I do not do it often, but when I have to, I do so. Of course, I back up what I am saying. He does respect my expertise. We discuss as needed, each being a SME, and come up with the approach. I then implement it.

     On one rare occasion, he ordered me to proceed. I appreciated that, because I wanted to hear a commitment from him, as I was concerned that the item would take quite a while longer than he expected.

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