Re: How to model searchable properties of an entity

From: Alan <>
Date: Fri, 13 Aug 2004 12:04:05 GMT
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"Dilip Angal" <> wrote in message
> Hi
> I have been struggeling with this question for a while.
> Let us say I have Part# and it has very large number of flexible
> attributes defined by the user, such as color, width, height, etc...
> Depending on Part number, these attributes may change.
> To make the things worse, they are searchable, meaning show me all the
> parts which are blue in color and whose width is less than 10 inches,
> etc.
> Now how do I model my parts table.
> If I make, name value pair, them my search will has as many self joins
> as I have ands in my query.
> If I model attributes as columns, then I don't even know all the
> possible attributes I can have and besides, even if I know them, not
> all attributes are applicable to all the parts and hence I have really
> screwed up table
> Any help will be appreciated.
> Dilip

This is a common problem, usually discussed in university courses. Is this for a class assignment? Received on Fri Aug 13 2004 - 14:04:05 CEST

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