Please accept my apology!

From: Julie Barkly, irepsonline 'Netpreneur' <>
Date: Wed, 02 Jun 2004 16:59:10 GMT
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To all concerned,

Today, I have received written and verbal reprimands from my autoresponder company, Aweber. In my ignorance and innocence, I forwarded a letter provided by The intentions were pure-at-heart. I genuinely thought I was taping into what would be a viable arena of viewers interested in what I had to present.

After having my autoresponder shut down today, it has been my sad discovery that my signature links (which contained ads about the businesses I am affiliated with), isn't allowed by the majority of these News Groups.

I want only to make ammends for my misguided message and want you to know I am sorry. I truly hope I have not caused much inconvenience for the recipients of that email.

I ask to be forgiven for my actions and genuinely feel terrible about what resulted.

Thank you.


Julie Barkley

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