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Date: Thu, 22 Apr 2004 01:01:02 +0100
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>> I'm getting to grips with this - CAN you create order from chaos? Is
>>it even possible? Mathematics ignores the question, but I suspect the
>>law of entropy gives a resounding NO as the answer.
>.. if you are in a closed system. I don't know about your planet, but
>mine isn't.

But if your database is not a closed system, you have to put information in to get information out. The more information you lose during the transforms to get it in, the more information you have to put into the query to get it out...

The more abstract your data in the database, the more knowledge of the real world you have to put into your query to make sense of the data you get out of the database.

Your applications HAVE to get more complex to make up for the simplicity of the database.


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