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From: Bill H <>
Date: Mon, 19 Apr 2004 22:55:57 GMT
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> One of the categories of interest are ERP solutions for mid-size
> manufacturing, higher ed; health industry; service organizations. Many

> companies invest in RDBMS solutions. I have anecdotes, not evidence, that
> backs up my intuition, not evidence, that the use of non-RDBMS solutions
> (including PICK, Cache', Berkeley DB, ...) over a 10 year period is
> significantly less expensive. I have found no surveys or experiments that
> shed any light on this, so if anyone knows of any ...

I consulted for a large leasing company that went from a 5-7 person non-1NF shop developing and maintaining their leasing application to a Client/Server development model to replace the non-1NF dbms. Their staff grew to 50 and their consulting fees to an international "consulting" firm was in the neighborhood of $10 million over 2-3 years. In the end, after five years, they got nothing as the Client/Server development was scrapped and the business was eventually sold.

I have, like Laconic2, been involved with some pretty serious problem resolutions in the Financial/IT part of business. I would state the Pick/non-1NF application/data model is "as simple as it needs to be..."; which is a principal maxim for business/IT problem resolution.

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