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>One of the categories of interest are ERP solutions for mid-size businesses:
>manufacturing, higher ed; health industry; service organizations. Many such
>companies invest in RDBMS solutions. I have anecdotes, not evidence, that
>backs up my intuition, not evidence, that the use of non-RDBMS solutions
>(including PICK, Cache', Berkeley DB, ...) over a 10 year period is
>significantly less expensive. I have found no surveys or experiments that
>shed any light on this, so if anyone knows of any ...

There is allegedly a survey floating around ... done by the University of Witwatersrand in South Africa.

They studied the percentage of turnover spent by companies on maintaining their databases, and discovered that it had a double-peak, one at 2% and one at 4%. The 2% companies consisted primarily of those using Pick-like databases, the 4% lot were using relational databases.


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