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From: Jan Hidders <>
Date: Wed, 14 Apr 2004 20:55:00 GMT
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Dawn M. Wolthuis wrote:
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>>You think XQuery is too difficult?

> I think it is a language for IT professionals and would like to see a
> standard "end-user query language." I'll admit that I haven't done enough
> work with XQuery to see just how simple one could make queries against a
> database by defining functions, virtual data, and "views" of the data so
> that the user need not think in terms of navigating. I realize that GUI's
> can be put "on top" of it as it is, but such a GUI would presumably be
> proprietary rather than a standard end-user tool for database access. Users
> who can ask their database now with a 40-year-old language by typing
//Courses[starts-with(.//_at_instructor_last_name, "VAN")]

I've taught this stuff to CS students and non-CS students. I have no idea why you think this would be too difficult for the latter. I do, however, have an idea why a non-declarative query language that requires programming if queries get a little bit more difficult would be problematic for them.

Not that I would claim that XQuery is as simple as can be. Far from that.

>>By the way, what makes you think that
>>in XQuery / XML databases you have to drag tags along with values? 

> I don't think you need to do so for XQuery, but I did think that was the
> case with XML databases, or at least that your input to and output from the
> databases using "read" and "writes" would retrieve XML documents.

?? Obviously you have to indicate which documents you are querying. What does that have to do with dragging tags along?

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