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From: James L. Ryan <taliesinsoft_at_mac.com>
Date: Mon, 12 Apr 2004 04:38:15 GMT
Message-ID: <0001HW.BC9F89F20023BBB4F03055B0_at_news.prodigy.net>

I am currently in the process of implementing a "personal relational database" application and am looking for collections of data for testing purposes.

What I am seeking is something with more than one relation, perhaps around four, and with something in the range of 1,000 tuples in at least one of the relations. The data should be in an Excel workbook or suitable for importing into an Excel workbook, such as a set of tab delimited files. A collection of data relative to a collection of CDs, say with one relation containing information about each CD, another containing information about the individual selections, etc. would be ideal.

My objective is to create an application which caters to spontaneous queries and which adheres to the traditions of a true relational database as defined by Codd. Part of my intention is to present the management of such a database using a GUI interface which makes the creation of true relational queries literally "obvious."

Any suggestions as to where I can obtain suitable test data will be greatly appreciated.  

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