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From: Pablo Sanchez <>
Date: 2 Jul 2003 20:48:18 GMT
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"Bob Badour" <> wrote in news:cWHMa.179$

> Well, if you were a little more observant or were actually
> interested in learning the meaning of a new word,

Bob, you really ought to read what you wrote. You're condescending 'style' is comical. It makes you look quite ... ahm, not-smart at all.

>> Regardless, newsgroups are what the posters make them.  Obviously
>> you have a POV of how you'd like it however I don't share your
>> POV. 

> My POV is it is beneficial to provide people truly helpful
> suggestions that will help them grow and learn. Apparently, your
> POV is "Give me exactly what I demand when I demand it or else."

Your delivery is so horrible that any possibility of getting a message across is lost. I don't expect you to really 'get it' but at least you can't claim you've never been told.


>> *** Juan:  feel free to ask questions and ignore Bob.  He doesn't
>>            speak for everyone here.

> If Juan takes your suggestion and ignores me,

I hope a lot of people ignore you Bob. I suspect many do. Who'd want to listen to someone like you rant?

> If you wanted to help and to reassure Juan, you could have told him
> he is free to ask questions and free to ignore snarky answers like
> Mikito's.

Why are you bringing in Mikito into this? Perhaps someone else who finds you intolerable?

I'm sure Juan doesn't need you to make his decisions ... he'll ignore you like most and be done with it.

Speaking of, I thought I had pitched you in my killfile??? Strange. ** plonk ** back into the killfile.

Pablo Sanchez, Blueoak Database Engineering
Received on Wed Jul 02 2003 - 22:48:18 CEST

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