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From: Damjan S. Vujnovic <>
Date: Tue, 11 Feb 2003 10:19:07 +0100
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> Sorry for my bad English, probably I didn't explain well what it's my
> problem.
> I know how to choose and put relationships in a E-R diagram
> (I use ERWIN 4.1).
> The point is : how to set "attributes" in a relationship?
> Attributes are well defined in the theory of database design as
> "properties" of entities and relationships.
> In ERWIN is very easy to set attributes for entities;
> unfortunately it seems to be not so easy (perhaps impossible at all)
> for relationships.

I have never used ERWIN 4.1 (only 3.5.2), so I might be completely wrong, but you have LOGICAL model and PHYSICAL model, so when you make, say, many-to-many relationship in LOGICAL model, you simply switch to PHYSICAL model and add as many attributes as you wish in a auto generated table. Or you can RESOLVE MANY-TO-MANY (context menu) relationship and get a table in LOGICAL model...

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