Re: normalization - two linked fields in one table

From: Theo Peterbroers <>
Date: 11 Nov 2002 05:00:06 -0800
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"Trooper" <> wrote in message news:<JhIz9.796567$>...
> I'm setting up a small web based program to help manage "Tasks" between
> family members. Kind of like Bugzilla, but on a way smaller scale.
> My problem is that a "Task" has two fields in it that relate to the same
> table:
> Task User
> ==== ====
> TaskID UserID
> assigned_to name
> poster_id
> assigned_to and poster_id are linked to the UserID.
> can't figure out how
> to pull a name from the User table for each of the two fields in the Task
> table.
You need to join the user table twice, once for assignee, then for poster:

SELECT t.TaskID, as Assignee, as Poster FROM (Task as t INNER JOIN User as a ON t.assigned_to=a.UserID)

                INNER JOIN User as p ON t.poster_id=a.UserID
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