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From: David Kerber <>
Date: Tue, 28 May 2002 15:36:14 -0400
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How much data are you storing in the quote record itself? If it's just pointers to customer ID's, with the customer details stored in a different table, there's not much data being duplicated. Maintaining the pointers to the child records is a bit more work, but if you break up your quote info a bit more, you can handle it:

QuoteID AutoInc
QuoteNum String (Your 1001-1, 1001-2, etc) SalesPerson Long
Other info as needed


QuoteID      Long
ItemID       Long
Qty          Integer

QuotedPrice Currency
Other info.

(with one record for each item on each quote)

Graham Bellamy wrote:
> "David Kerber" <> wrote in message

> > Another way to handle this might be to add a field to your quotes table
> > called something like Previous_Ver which contains just the pkey
> > reference to the previous version of this particular quote number.
> > Then you can walk the tree of previous_ver values from the most recent
> > to the original version of the quote, no matter how many revs it goes
> > through.
> Thanks. I think this should be able to be done with both methods I mentioned (1001,1007 &
> 1001-1, 1001-2).
> Any comments about the duplication of the entire record (and all its related child
> records)?
> In appreciation,
> Graham


Dave Kerber
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