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From: Tobin Harris <>
Date: Sun, 12 May 2002 11:52:44 +0100
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I'm not an expert, but not a beginner either, so yeah, send it over to - removing the nospam_!!

BTW - I don't' have Visio, so could you save as a BMP or something? The Business Ruls would be fine in word.

Tobin Harris

"Nonkel Sue" <> wrote in message
> Hello !
> I recently tried to make a conceptual datamodel in order to make an
> application for Resource Ownership in a certain company. Briefly, this
> application makes it possible for employees to request rights on certain
> resources that are available within that particular company. Also, this
> application must make it possible for Resource Owners and Administrator
> to have an overview on all resources and the rights given to these
> resources at any time.
> Now, I am experiencing some difficulties in finishing the datamodels
> (conceptual and physical). I already defined the entities I think I
> need, but it is not always clear to me if the relationships I have
> foreseen between each entity is correct.
> Is there someone out there who is willing to help me out of this problem
> and wants to review the datamodels I made up till now ?
> I can send you the Business Rules as well as a draft of the conceptual
> datamodel (Visio-drawing or a document with a printscreen of the
> datamodel) I made up till now. Please contact me of you are interested
> in giving me a helping hand.
> Any help would be appreciated!!!
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> br,
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