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From: Nonkel Sue <>
Date: Sat, 11 May 2002 11:32:20 GMT
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Hello !

I recently tried to make a conceptual datamodel in order to make an application for Resource Ownership in a certain company. Briefly, this application makes it possible for employees to request rights on certain resources that are available within that particular company. Also, this application must make it possible for Resource Owners and Administrator to have an overview on all resources and the rights given to these resources at any time.

Now, I am experiencing some difficulties in finishing the datamodels (conceptual and physical). I already defined the entities I think I need, but it is not always clear to me if the relationships I have foreseen between each entity is correct.

Is there someone out there who is willing to help me out of this problem and wants to review the datamodels I made up till now ?

I can send you the Business Rules as well as a draft of the conceptual datamodel (Visio-drawing or a document with a printscreen of the datamodel) I made up till now. Please contact me of you are interested in giving me a helping hand.

Any help would be appreciated!!!


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