Re: Creating a table with field type long. Initial storage settings?

From: Chris Leonard <>
Date: Thu, 29 Apr 2004 16:43:45 -0500
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Any chance that the tablespace housing this table has locally-managed tablespaces? If you get the same settings for INITIAL, NEXT, etc., no matter what you specify, the tablespace may be locally managed.



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"Galina" <> wrote in message

> Hello
> I am trying to create a table, which includes a field type LONG. The
> wizard hasn't allowed me to enter storage settings for this table. It
> set the initial size is 64K and not available to change, next size 0K,
> increase size by 0%.
> Since I am going to copy data from an existing MS Access table into
> this one, I know that the initial amount of records will be about
> 70000 and it will take about 7 Mb of disk space. I know it, because I
> have already been through this process and copied the data into the
> table and the table space usage increased by 7Mb approx.
> Since I was not allowed to change storage settings in the wizard, I
> took create table SQL and tried to change storage settings in SQL:
> Then I executed it. Surprise, surprise, the table was created with the
> same storage settings 64K initial, 0K next.
> My questions are:
> I know that the table can be created with the settings allowed by the
> wizard and I'll be able to copy data, but wouldn't it be better to
> allocate required amount of space from the beginning?
> Can I change storage settings, when creating a table with one field of
> type LONG?
> If can, how to do so?
> Any help will be greatly appreciated.
> Thank you.
> Galina
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