Re: no performance when creating or extending a tablespace

From: DBA Infopower Support <>
Date: Thu, 5 Feb 2004 22:46:25 -0800
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Hello Koos,

  For a start, please ask DBA to generate statspack (or bstat/estat) report during the event and post it to the group.

  From the unix side, check what is vmstat showing on r/b columns.


  DBA Infopower LLC

"koos" <> wrote in message news:40228804$0$3246$
> Hi,
> I`m a unix system administrator and they asked me to investigate a
> performance problem. When de DBA extends or creats a tablespace by 2Gb
> we cannot connect to the database we already did increase the aio setting
> the OS AIX 4.3.11 but that did not resolve the problem. Have anyone any
> what is te matter.
> Koos
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