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From: Ryan <>
Date: Thu, 8 Jan 2004 17:36:57 -0500
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if Siebel is this hostile, why do people buy their product? Are there competing products?
"Daniel Roy" <> wrote in message
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> > Daniel, what about using the outline feature to provide optimizer
> > hints without touching the vendor code?
> >
> > HTH -- Mark D Powell --
> I heard of a Siebel project where they implemented this suggestion,
> and it worked OK. I'm not sure if it was "approved" by Siebel or not.
> The problem with Siebel is that for any database change, if the Siebel
> guys have not heard of this feature, then instead of saying "That
> sounds great, let's try it!", they become defensive and threaten to
> not support our Siebel if we implement that change. That creates a
> very closed-minded environment, where everyone is scared to do
> anything. The only time that they agree to make any change is when the
> application is so slow that all the users are complaining non-stop.
> Daniel
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