Re: Need help to understand difference, and contrast between Relational database model and the Object-Oriented model

From: Alfredo Novoa <>
Date: 15 Dec 2003 04:31:36 -0800
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"Bob Badour" <> wrote in message news:<>...

> > "I have a hard time to understand difference and similarities between
> > Relational database model and the Object-Oriented model. Can somebody
> > help me with this?"
> >
> > It is crystal clear. Isn't it?
> Yes, it is crystal clear to those who comprehend simple written english.

It seems to me that the inability to comprehend simple statemens is a constant among the advocates of primitive data management approaches.

> Also direct him to the subject line that contrasts a model with a
> model--well, with an alleged or hypothetical model in any case.


> His profound ignorance of fundamentals prevents him from even knowing what
> the fundamentals are.

A vicious circle that traps many people.

> > I hope you don't think that math and science are a religions.
> To the devoted zealot, there is only religion.

And all knowledge is belief.

> Alfredo, you will never reach a person who cannot distinguish between a
> property of an implementation and a property of a technology even when
> stated explicitly.

I am afraid you are right.

> > > Did we lose anything by moving to an ODBMS, you bet we did. We lost
> > > out ability to run ad-hoc queries against the data.
> >
> > And you would have a lot to win with a good RDBMS which allows wide
> > physical independence. You would have the same performance or better,
> > ad-hoc queries and the rest of the advantages of The Relational Model.
> > That is what I am trying to say all the time.
> I am surprised you let the suggestion he lost only one thing stand
> unchallenged.

Well, I was trying to reason with him in little steps. Of course they lost many other things.

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