Re: validate password within PL/SQL?

From: Justin Cave <>
Date: 13 Dec 2003 01:51:08 -0800
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> Hi! I'm looking for a way to validate a password within PL/SQL. I want to
> write
> CREATE PROCEDURE change_password(old_password IN VARCHAR2)
> IS
> -- check if old_password is correct... but how?

The easiest way I could envision doing something like this would be to create a Java stored procedure that attempted to connect with the supplied username & password.

> OK, here's an idea! I can create a dummy user identified by the supplied
> old_password, then SELECT PASSWORD FROM DBA_USERS to see if the hashed
> password of the dummy user matches the hashed password of the application
> user... nope, didn't work! Apparently the algorithm doesn't have a simple 1
> clear-text-password: 1 hashed-password mapping; each username/password
> combination gets a different result.

I'd strongly suspect that the hash takes into account at least the username & the machine the database is on. It would be really unfortunate if I could take information from DBA_USERS on the production machine, copy it over to my laptop, and start cracking passwords. Not incorporating username & machine information into the hash's salt would allow this sort of thing, so I'm pretty darn certain Oracle doesn't allow it.

Justin Cave
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