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From: Alan <>
Date: Mon, 8 Dec 2003 16:12:39 -0500
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You must be a business major.

Oracle's mission is the same as every other publicly traded company. No matter what anyone claims their mission to be, it is: Turn a profit back to the stockholders. Any other wording of a "mission statement" is just a bunch of B.S.

Here's a mssion statement for the XYZ products company: Provide our customers with leading edge products, exceptional customer service, and outstanding value.

Here's one for the ABC Services Corporation: Provide our customers with leading edge customer service, outstanding products, and exceptional value.

And for HIJ Enterprises: Provide our customers with leading edge value, outstanding customer service and exceptional products.

What do you expect? "Provide our customers with a pile of crap, charge a lot for it, and make them look for answers on their own."??? Okay, so Microsoft already has that one.

"Tony" <> wrote in message
> Question...
> I am preparing a presentation on Oracle for my Senior Capstone class
> at Colorado State University.
> Does ANYONE know Oracle's Mission Statement or have a link pointing to
> it somewhere on their website? I have scoured their site, and can't
> seem to locate it ANYWHERE!!
> If you know, you can reply within the newsgroup, or respond to
> tonyb970-school at
> Any help would be appreciated!
> Thanks!
> Tony
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