Re: More Help Required.. in Replication of Oracle 9i in Rh9 (if the query is repeated by me sorry)

From: Daniel Roy <>
Date: 4 Dec 2003 07:07:33 -0800
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Replication is a complex beast, that I find few people have experimented with. Plus, the needs vary broadly from case to case, and therefore generic advice is quite dangerous to particular situations. Your best bet is to read the replication manual on, where all the different options are detailed, and you can also find useful scripts and examples. Having said that, let me add that a 2-second refresh interval is much more frequent than anything I've seen before, and would be very worried for the overall effect on the performance of the system if implemented (people tend to refresh hourly or daily, I find).

Daniel (Cherrish Vaidiyan) wrote in message news:<>...
> hello,
> Thanx for replying to my earlier Google group query about Replication
> of Oracle 9i on RH9.IF the query followed is being repeated by me I am
> sorry for it..
> I want to implement replication by means of SQL commamnd prompt.Can u
> help me with the sample script that you own.I can change the schema,
> tables according to my need...Here is my situation of replication
> requirement...
> I have 3 systems with RH 9. A database of Oracle 9i is to be
> replicated in the 3 pc.
> I thought of Synchronous replication first where a change made once in
> a database is updated immediately in all the rest. but the drawback is
> that if 1 database server is down the update wont work ie it will
> rollback.but it wont have any conflicst if all servers are up.
> But, I dont want rollback situation. So I want to implement
> Asynchronous replication which means that a change made will be stored
> initally as deferred transaction (I think v can set time for updates
> say for 2 seconds; every 2 sec cache and database will be
> updated...but i dont know the paramaeter to set)and later updated in
> all database.I know in such case I know in that case i have to handle
> conflicts (that the second phase). but wont check if all the database
> servers are up.
> Hope u have understood my need and would help me ...pls reply
> regards,
> Cherrish Vaidiyan
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