Re: to import the ora8i-db again !!!!!

From: Michael O'Neill <>
Date: Sat, 16 Dec 2000 00:09:51 GMT
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"D. KHADER" <> wrote in message news:91dpao$8no$
> hi ,
> is it possible to import again the oracle database , wenn the first one
> successfully ?

I believe I speak for many when I offer this advice:

  1. Refrain from emailing me directly, the same issue you post in this newsgroup.
  2. Don't cross-post to every Oracle newsgroup rather than taking the time to find where it would be most appropriate to post.
  3. As far as your latest posts go, I'm certain you'd get more meaningful responses if you provided a more thorough explanation of what issue you are having to resolve. Try over-explaining for a while, before you under-explain over and over again.
  4. We're glad to have you, but taking into consideration some common sense etiquette and generally accepted protocol would be greately appreciated and greatly rewarded by the highly responsive and helpful Oracle DBAs involved in this newsgroup.
Michael O'Neill
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