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Date: Thu, 14 Dec 2000 02:16:22 GMT
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>>>>> "Danilo" == Danilo Silveira <> writes:  Danilo> wrote:
>> I am interested in the differences between Oracle and Sybase. I am
>> a newbie to DBs, and want to learn about the benefits and drawbacks
>> of these two major players. I am also curious about programming in
>> Java for each of these databases, and issues that arise when trying
>> to program for both.

>> I would be grateful for any assistance, and direction to resources
>> on this topic would also be appreciated.

Danilo> Hi Jennifer, Well, you can read many things about Oracle in
Danilo> I can say to you that Oracle
Danilo> supports Java. It has an JVM inside the database. You can make
Danilo> stored procedures in Java, publish EJB and CORBA in database
Danilo> and all other Oracle products supports Java too. Sybase is a
Danilo> good database, but it doesn´t have the integration that Oracle
Danilo> plataform gives.

This might be read to indicate that Sybase does _not_ support Java, has no JVM integrated with the DB, forbids implementing stored procedures in Java, and such; a quick browse at <> seems to indicate otherwise.

-> ASE has a JVM in the DB server;
-> You can implement stored procedures in Java with ASE;
-> ASE seems to include EJB support;
-> Are you prepared to bet that Sybase does not provide CORBA

   interfaces? I wouldn't be... They do integration work with    Iona...

It is possible that Oracle provides "more support" for some of these technologies, but that is not _manifestly_ obvious.

It would be interesting to see what "doesn't have the integration that Oracle gives" truly means; that has the feel of a sales spin job as opposed to being an actual answer to the question.

One of the _disadvantages_ to developing for Sybase may be that they don't appear to have as many sales reps out there willing to take IT managers out to lunch. Not that this represents an issue related to _programming_...

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