Re: Oracle Data Corruption error message

From: Phil Roberts <>
Date: Fri, 28 Oct 1994 01:04:53 GMT
Message-ID: <> (Steve) writes:

>We saw this as a bug in Oracle 7.0.15? when using the freelist parameter

>Steve Lemme
>DBA/Systems Manager
>Motorola MOS12

>In article <>, (Joel
>Quejada) wrote:

>> One of my users is getting the following Oracle data corruption
>> message:
>> ORA-01578: ORACLE data block corrupted (file # 24, block # 2)
>> ORA-00600:
>> internal error code, arguments: [3339], [0], [1610612738], [], [], []
>> This sounds like some kind of a disk media surface defect. However,
>> I don't see any messages being reported by the OS. We are planning on
>> doing a complete dump, reformat, and restore of this disk. Is this
>> the only way to solve this problem?

We also were told it was a bug in 6.0.27. We use a Unisys 5000 with Unix and raw disks for our tablespaces. We were told we had a media defect by Unisys software support. We ran a disktest on the disk with the problem, and found NO disk errors, no bad blocks, no bad sectors, nada. Finally, one of the Unisys people said that error 600 "is a catchall error that is used when Oracle (the product, not the company) can't determine the exact cause of problems." They guy may have been feeding me BS, but he suggested I reinitialize the DB. After recreating the DB, on the same disks with the same setup, the problem went away. We did import the data rather than restore from a mirror image backup because I suspected a mirror image would have restored the same problem.. Received on Fri Oct 28 1994 - 02:04:53 CET

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