Re: OCI vs PRO*C

From: Tim Smith <>
Date: Tue, 18 Oct 1994 15:21:04 GMT
Message-ID: <> (Joe Halpin) writes:
>I'm looking into the pros and cons of using OCI for a development effort
>in the near future. From what I've seen here it looks like OCI is the
>clear choice for C++ development. However, I hear rumors now and then
>which indicate that Oracle isn't all that committed to continued support
>for OCI. Would anyone here be able to add something more than rumor to
>this? Seems like I've asked our Oracle rep about this some time ago, but
>got a fairly noncommittal answer.

Oracle *is* committed to continuing support of the OCI.

>Anyone know of a PRO*C++ in the future?

Pro*C Release 2.1 (in beta soon, in production early next year) supports C++. That is, you can precompile an application that contains C++ code, with no need for separate macro preprocessing.

--Tim ( Received on Tue Oct 18 1994 - 16:21:04 CET

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