Re: Init.ORA Parameters

From: Mike Rider <>
Date: 1 Oct 1994 15:40:45 GMT
Message-ID: <36jvtt$>

In <36hij7$> (Tracy Jacobs) writes:

>I am attempting to add som parameters to my Init.ora file and
>have gotten errors. I have entered the following:
>dc_columns = 2000
>dc_constraints_defs = 400
>dc_indexes = 400
>It appears that I can't enter any dc_ parameters to
>increase the cache size.....

>The error was a syntax error that said something to the
>effect that the dc_ parameters are not valid...


Are you using ORACLE7? The dc_ parameters are vaild only in version 6. In ORACLE7 the dictionary cache is no longer a separately tunable part of the SGA. In 7 you need to tune the shared_pool_size and ORACLE handles the dictionary size.

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