Re: Oracle 7 Shutdown Procedures

From: Gary Eckhardt <>
Date: 30 Dec 1993 21:23:54 GMT
Message-ID: <2fvgta$>

In article, R Scott Hunter <> () writes:
> Are you running Oracle under UNIX? One problem we found that I haven't
> opened a TAR yet with California is that Oracle 7, running under UNIX
> on our NCR 3550, doesn't seem to startup or shutdown properly if the
> sqldba _at_startup_script is called from within the UNIX /rc init
> script sequences for multiuser (init state 2) or shutdown (init state 0).

We're running Oracle 7.0.13 under Solaris 2.2 (Sun-10 box) and we haven't had any problems with shutdowns. (We've monitored the shutdowns for a while...)

> I haven't set up any fancy scripts yet for startup/shutdown; a complication
> is that we are in a mixed UNIX and client/server environment, and the
> client/server sessions wouldn't receive any sort of warning messages
> that were sent out.

That's what we're trying to get around too. I didn't want to go the SHUTDOWN ABORT method, but if that's the best that Oracle can do then I guess it will have to do and rely on good backups. What happens when the Oracle process is stopped (V7) under SQLDBA? How are the rollbacks for that process handled, etc? If it's all taken care of, then writing a script for Oracle 7 will be a snap. Now to worry about Oracle 6.

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