Re: Oracle 7 Shutdown Procedures

From: R Scott Hunter <>
Date: Thu, 30 DEC 93 15:25:17 EST
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Are you running Oracle under UNIX? One problem we found that I haven't opened a TAR yet with California is that Oracle 7, running under UNIX on our NCR 3550, doesn't seem to startup or shutdown properly if the sqldba _at_startup_script is called from within the UNIX /rc init script sequences for multiuser (init state 2) or shutdown (init state 0). SQLDBA aborts with a segmentation failure and leaves Oracle 7 in whatever state it was prior to being invoked. SQLDBA when called from UNIX at, cron, or interactively works just fine for V7. (We have three V6 instances, one V7 development/test instance, and a V7.1 development/test instance running on this machine.) Oracle V6 shutdown works okay inside an init sequence.
I haven't set up any fancy scripts yet for startup/shutdown; a complication is that we are in a mixed UNIX and client/server environment, and the client/server sessions wouldn't receive any sort of warning messages that were sent out. Most of our problems have been due to people opening an Oracle connection on their workstation and then forgetting to close it. This interferes with the Oracle shutdown process, and that has caused our 3550 to hang when it tries to shut down; I've rewritten our Oracle management scripts to use shutdown abort, finally, because of this. *----

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