Oracle for DEC AXP OSF/1 v1.3 table space problems

Date: Mon, 27 Dec 1993 18:23:25 GMT
Message-ID: <>

We have recently installed Oracle7 ( on a DEC AXP systeme under OSF/1 V1.3. The installation appear to be successfull and we have been experimenting again succesfully with small databases. However several problems are preventing us from adopting this plataform as our Oracle server. We would be very gratefull for any hints in resolving these problems.

The major problem is that after having the Oracle started even if not used the OSF/1 system runs out of table space. These prevents any user activity and users can't log in till the system is rebooted.

The actual error reported is:

File table overflow.

Thes System configuration procedures provides information to address this problem. The solution is to increase the value of nfile and nvnode in param.c. Then reconfiguring the kernell and restarting the system. I have done this several time with increasing additional values. (up to +1024 for each parameter). The result was that the system was operational for a longger time period, but eventually the same File table overflow will appear.

The OSF/1 v1.3 system, in the absense of Oracle startup is quite stable. It stays up for months without any visible problems.

The other (less crytical) problems is the absense in the installation manual of appropriate procedures to start and stop Oracle automatically under OSF/1. On this system it seems that rc.local has been replaced by more sphysticated multi-level scripts.

Any help in resolving these problems would be greatly appreciated. In particular the proble of File table overflow is rather serious.

Thanks in advance.

Carmelo Granja

    Carmelo_at_MEDCOR.McGill.CA Received on Mon Dec 27 1993 - 19:23:25 CET

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