Re: Oracle for DEC AXP OSF/1 v1.3 table space problems

From: Vipin Gokhale <>
Date: 30 Dec 93 21:54:16 GMT
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>Subject: Oracle for DEC AXP OSF/1 v1.3 table space problems
>We have recently installed Oracle7 ( on a DEC AXP systeme under OSF/1
>V1.3. The installation appear to be successfull and we have been experimenting
>again succesfully with small databases. However several problems are preventing
>us from adopting this plataform as our Oracle server. We would be very
>gratefull for any hints in resolving these problems.
>The major problem is that after having the Oracle started even if not used the
>OSF/1 system runs out of table space. These prevents any user activity and
>users can't log in till the system is rebooted.
>The actual error reported is:
>File table overflow.
There're several alternatives. a) Call Oracle Customer Support and ask for patch for bug #185810. b) Start tnslsnr before you startup the database. c) If you're not using shared servers, turn off mts_XXX parameters from init.ora d) Wait for 7.0.15 - should be available in shipping very soon.
>Thes System configuration procedures provides information to address this
>problem. The solution is to increase the value of nfile and nvnode in param.c.
>Then reconfiguring the kernell and restarting the system. I have done this
>several time with increasing additional values. (up to +1024 for each
>parameter). The result was that the system was operational for a longger time
>period, but eventually the same File table overflow will appear.
>The OSF/1 v1.3 system, in the absense of Oracle startup is quite stable. It
>stays up for months without any visible problems.
>The other (less crytical) problems is the absense in the installation manual of
>appropriate procedures to start and stop Oracle automatically under OSF/1.
>On this system it seems that rc.local has been replaced by more sphysticated
>multi-level scripts.
>Any help in resolving these problems would be greatly appreciated. In
>particular the proble of File table overflow is rather serious.
>Thanks in advance.
>Carmelo Granja
> Carmelo_at_MEDCOR.McGill.CA
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