Forms3.0 - Reverse Video/^ Character

From: mike sullivan <>
Date: Fri, 3 Dec 1993 06:20:41 GMT
Message-ID: <>

Environ: ISC Unix 3.0

         RDBMS 6.0.36 Forms 3.0.16

Problem 1: When I COPY a value into a field on the screen (the field is reverse video and blank) from a trigger the value is in the normal foreground/background color and not in reverse video like it should (if the field is 10 char wide and I copy a 5 char string into it, half the field is the string w/ no reverse video and the other half is reverse video). Is this a bug? It doesn't happen to all the fields.

Problem 2: I'm trying to send a MESSAGE that contains the text string ^Z (for control Z) but while in this one block, the ^ does NOT appear. I'm using this MESSAGE(' Press F10(^Z) to QUIT'); which comes out on the message line as Press F10(Z) to QUIT - no ^!! Another bug?

I'm giving up on tech support which I've paid for to get help of any kind.


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