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From: Brandon Ausman <>
Date: Thu, 2 Dec 1993 23:47:41 GMT
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Inter Drive ( wrote:
: noel cronin ( wrote:
: : Hi all
: : Does anybody have experience of using a GUI builder other than
: : SQL*forms4 that can be run on MAC and windows and works with an
: : Oracle back end. I assume that using Sql*forms 4 there is no
: : problem porting the code from Windows to MAC.

: : Noel Cronin (
: : Trinity College Dublin
: :

: Why not try Omnis-7 from Blyth software.
: It's the only GUI interface that runs on both windows + MAC
: (at least it was a few months ago) - see review of GUI datbases
: in PC magazine ~ 6 months ago for performance comparisons (clue -
: it did not fare very well). Foxpro may now be available on MAC
: but wasn't a few months ago.

If you can wait a few months, Novell will release its AppWare Visual Developer. I have used it in its prior life as Serius Developer Pro. It does run on Windows and Mac -- and soon on various UNIX flavors. The code is VERY portable between PC and Mac.

Also, the upcoming release will support Tuxedo, CICS, various NOS directory modules, etc. Also, at least one vendor, Gupta, has announced ALM (AppWare Loadable Module) support coming in May.

I liked Developer Pro, and, with the enhancements Novell is working on, this could be a killer app builder.


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