HELP!! Compiling Pro*C Code

From: Timo Salzsieder <>
Date: 1 Dec 1993 15:03:57 GMT
Message-ID: <2dibot$>


I have problems to compile Pro*C code. Ok, I know, there is a sample makefile called, but I worked in an environment where I want to compile more than one .pc file and that's the main problem, I want to use imake. If you don't know what's imake is known, you can stop reading at this point. All other's, do you have a entry for your imake.r-file, which includes all neccessary libs and the handling of pcc and cc. By the way, I'm working with oracle 6.0 version, Pro*C I think version 1.3.18.

Please e-mail me, cause reading this newsgroup is so straining.

Thanx in advance,



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