Row Buffering / Forking Question

From: Kiran Jain <>
Date: Wed, 1 Dec 1993 15:54:10 GMT
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			Question about row buffering

Suppose if you were to get about 100,000 rows from a table and do processing on each and every row individually, I would use row buffering in DB-Library. The question I have here is that is it possible to get 1000 rows at a time in DB-Lib buffer and after getting BUF_FULL can I fork another child process to get another 1000 rows with NO WAIT?.

I mean, keep on forking child processes for every 1000 rows after the buffer is full. The only major problem I see that the dbproc's might lock each other out resulting in many deadlocks. So to avoid that I can check if a deadlock has occured keep on submitting the processes to the server until it is sucessful.

Typically for a 100,000 row table there would be about 100 child processes all running at the same time with no_wait. Now is it really possible to do that?. Has some one out there has done this?.

Thanks for any suggestion/comments.

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