Re: How Do I Get SQL*Forms To Work On Different Terminals?

From: William Kaufman <>
Date: Fri, 25 Sep 1992 15:49:41 GMT
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In article <> (scott.d.brenner) writes:
] I'm new to SQL*Forms, and I'm having trouble right from the start.
] I'm trying to run it from an AT&T 6386 PC connected to a 486 UNIX
] box. The PC is emulating a 4410 via the TerraNova communications
] package. I've already run 'crt' which I assume uses .../crt/admin/4410.sql
] to create .../crt/admin/4410.crt. However, when I try to invoke
] SQL*Forms with "sqlforms30 -c 4410 user/password" I get this message:
] No such device to application map 4410 in terminal resource file oraterm.r.
] Error initializing IAD application.

    CRT is used for SQL*Forms 2.3 and SQL*DBA. In order to run it, CRT has to be installed (it's usually installed when you install Oracle 6.0); the CRT database tables have to be created (use crt.sql); and the terminal's definition has to be loaded into the tables (with {terminal}.sql).

    Once that's done, you run "crt {terminal} {user}/{password}" to create {terminal}.crt. Then, you can use "sqlforms -c {terminal}".

] My $TERM is set to 4410. If I change my $TERM to vt100, and run
] "sqlforms30 -c vt100 user/password", I get into Forms, but the
] key mappings aren't completely correct. Some functions work,
] but others don't.

    Well, SQL*Forms 3.0 doesn't use CRTs; it uses resource files (usually forms30/admin/resources/*.res, for you UNIX-fluent), which can be edited directly with Oracle*Terminal 1.0.

    I'll admit my ignorance--I've no idea what a 4410 is. It sounds like it uses ANSI escape sequences: that means that about half of the escape sequences will be like a VT100.

    Stuff like [Escape] and [Control-l] are pretty universal; it's things like function keys that don't carry from terminal to terminal.

] How can I get SQL*Forms to work properly on any terminal I want?

    What you'd want to do is copy the closest-fit terminal to your terminal name, and modify the copy. I'll assume VT100 is a close fit for the 4410. For SQL*Forms 2.3, SQL*Menu 4.0 and SQL*DBA, you'd do (in UNIX's csh):

        % cp vt100.sql 4410.sql
        % vi 4410.sql
        (change the escape sequences to the 4410 versions)
        % sqldba system/manager _at_4410.sql
        % crt 4410.sql system/manager

or, for SQL*Forms 3.0, SQL*Menu 5.0, Oracle*Terminal 1.0:

        % cd ${ORACLE_HOME}/forms30/admin/resources
        % cp vt100.res 4410.res
        % oraterm 4410.res
        (change the escape sequences to the 4410 versions)

] Another question: I just came across some stuff that talked about
] the "F12 model" How do I get this to work?

    That's just a version of the terminals that some porting groups ship that uses a semi-standard key mapping, named "{terminal}u"--for example, vt100u or d410u. On every such terminal, all the functions are mapped to the same keys, modulo some keys that don't work on some terminals/platforms. If you want to use this one, you can always use vt100u as a basis for your 4410 mapping, rather than vt100.

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