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Date: 25 Sep 92 07:09:58 GMT
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> In article <>, writes:

>> I have a group of users who are new ORACLE on the VAX as well as new DBAs.  We
>> are running ORACLE for VAX/VMS 6.0.36 (6.2).  What the user wants to do is to
>> DROP a public rollback segment that is current in use, as well as the
>> tablespace that contains the rollback segment.  He has tried the DROP PUBLIC
>> ROLLBACK SEGMENT and DROP TABLESPACE and both commands returned the Rollback
>> segment in use error.  Is there a way to drop these rollback segments so he can
>> drop or take the tablespaces off line?

> Add a line to the init.ora file that says:
> _offline_rollback_segment = (rollback2)
> remove the name of the rollback segments from the list of rollback segments
> rollback_segments = (rollback1, rollback3)
> Take the database down and back up.
> Then you can drop the rollback segment and drop the tablespace.
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All INIT.ORA parameters with leading underscores are extremely dangerous and could create even more serious problems than it solves. Never use a parameter like _offline_rollback_segment without backing up your database, (and hopefully an Oracle Support Rep on the phone to verify that there is not an easier solution.

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