New Mailing Lists: exploring CASE, Unix, and Desktop products

From: Andy Finkenstadt <>
Date: Mon, 21 Sep 1992 23:11:20 GMT
Message-ID: <>

At the recent International Oracle Users Week conference in San Francisco it was suggested that someone set up an Internet accessible mailing list for discussing specific topics related to the following interests:

   Oracle under UNIX
   CASE tools with Oracle, or the Oracle CASE tools    Oracle with desktop (PC DOS, Macintosh, OS/2) computers

I distributed an announcement to this effect at IOUW and received some good feedback and a good response rate. I am in the process of setting up a list server under Unix here - in the meantime I will maintain the list by hand.

These lists will also eventually reflect a digest (software compliments of Mike Nolan <>) of - which should be considered the preferred means of accessing the Usenet portion of these lists.

To join one or more of these topic areas, please send an electronic mail item to "" with the name of the lists you wish to join:

   ora-digest     Digest (daily)
   ora-iouw                information about IOUW93 in Orlando FL USA
   ora-desk                Desktop product information & discussion
   ora-unix                Oracle under UNIX operating systems
   ora-case                Oracle CASE products & other CASE products

Replying to this note will come to the correct address - I hope.

I hope this will be of service.


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