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Date: Fri, 21 Aug 1992 15:22:12 GMT
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In article <> (Dale Cook) writes:
>In article <> (Stephen Schow) writes:
>>I would like to suggest to everyone that is reading this group that they
>>try to forward their responses to questions back to the group instead of
>>just replying to the individual users.
>I think that it is proper to reply by email. I also think that it is
>the duty of the person asking the question to summarize all such replies
>and post a summary. It's something that should be done and isn't done
>enough, IMHO.

So that's why you posted your response ?

Really, though, that's not intended as a flame, just as fuel for *my* $0.02.

I think it's the judgement of the User who's responding to the post. In many cases, when it's a techical question, email responses are more appropriate simply because in 99% of the cases, they will arrive first and can open a channel of communication in case more info is needed. Also, most people read email several times a day and news maybe once or twice.

If the question is philosphical (you know what I mean !), then certainly posting a follow-up article is more appropriate than email...

Naturally, there are large grey areas involved between these two that are simply the judgement of the two users involved.

Oh, and I *strongly* agree with your "summary" comment. The price of free help should definitely be to post a summary. I look at it as simply professional courtest, but some people need more motivation.

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