National Language Support troubles

From: Schillinger <>
Date: 14 Aug 92 14:18:37 GMT
Message-ID: <>

I'm *still* working on getting that National Language Support running properly.

We're running ORACLE v. and on a HP/UX 9000 Series 800.

The problem is getting the Umlauts and other special characters to appear correctly on all four of our terminal types: xterm, hpterm, vt100, and vt220. WE8HP works on hpterm and WE8DEC works on the other three.

I set LANGUAGE=German_Germany.WE8DEC in init.ora, but I'd like the characters to appear correctly on hpterm too! Then I put the following if/then into my .profile to check on the terminal type and access the correct message files for ORACLE **utilities**:

if [ $TERM = hpterm ]
then export LANGUAGE=German_Germany.WE8HP else export LANGUAGE=German_Germany.WE8DEC fi

The if/then works fine. Which means vt220 and vt100 work fine. (I'm not sure about xterm because of the second problem. See below.) But on hpterm in sqlplus, the Umlauts don't appear, the result of init.ora LANGUAGE being set to WE8DEC, which it doesn't like. However, since I reset the LANGUAGE in my .profile for utilities the Umlauts appear correctly in hpterm Forms, etc.

So, the question is: Is it possible to put a similar if/then in my init.ora to check on the terminal type and set the ORACLE instance LANGUAGE depending on what the terminal type is??

Now, to the second problem: When I try to run the msqlforms30 on xterm or hpterm, I get only the following messages:

(it only comes in German now so I'll try to translate it as best I can)

Can't access help resource file.
Can't initialize the IAD application.

I assume the second error is due to the first and the first looks ** to me ** as if it occurs because a file is missing. But I checked in the manual and seem to have all the right filesr (iad,iap,iac,iag, typ,ifp in forms30/mesg/). The same error message comes when I try to run msqlmenu50, but I don't know what message files are supposed to be there for Menu.

Has anyone had any experience with these two problems in NLS?

I'd appreciate any help. Thanks in advance!

Karen Received on Fri Aug 14 1992 - 16:18:37 CEST

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